JRC Hockey League

Welcome to Hockey Regina’s Junior C Hockey League Website. Under the umbrella of Hockey Regina, the league consists of ten hockey clubs. There are five teams from out of Regina and five affiliate teams from the surrounding community, to find out more information on any of these hockey clubs just click on the above bullets.

The league is highly competitive and loaded with some of the most talented players around. There are no zones, so players are allowed to try-out for any hockey club they wish, which keeps co parity between the hockey teams in the league.

The schedule consists of 22 league games, play-offs, provincials, and the honor in hosting the Western Canadian Brewers Cup. The highly coveted Brewers Cup is attended by teams across the country and the largest and longest Junior “C” tournament currently running in Canada. About the equipment using in the league such hockey sticks, gloves, helmets…must match the league standards.

Hockey Regina Inc is the governing body for Junior C and all minor hockey in the City of Regina for players aged five to twenty one years old.

  • Junior C is a open zone in which a player can try-out for any team, with the exception that if played Junior C the previous year, the player must first report to that team and obtain a release before going to another team. The Division Director must approve the release or releases.
  • Junior C teams are allowed to carry a maximum of 23 players, with at least two of whom must be goalkeepers. Each team is allowed to carry a maximum of two twenty-one year olds that must have been carded with that team the previous season as a twenty year old and must have been on that teams final February 10th roster. The player must have also played at least a minimum of ten league and/or playoff games with that team the previous season.
  • In Junior C, there is a 22 league game schedule, play-offs, provincials, and the Western Canadian Brewers Cup which is held on the 2nd weekend of February each year.