Registration Info

Registration can be completed by contacting:

Hockey Regina

or you may contact one of the following hockey clubs personally and they will make sure your needs are taken care of (click on coaches list or click on the contact us tab).

Historically, Junior C coaches have had problems collecting fees from their players. The backbone of the hockey program is volunteers and the coaches are a very large part of that equation. We cannot afford to lose them.

Therefore, the Hockey Regina Board has implemented the following rule to assist in the operation of the Junior C division. All players must fill out a registration form prior to tryouts and present it to the coach before going on the ice.

All players must give the coach a upon making the team and must pay the balance (to be determined by the coach and manager) by November 30. If the payment deadlines are not met, the player will not be allowed to participate in any games. Coaches will be expected to abide by these rules.

Hockey Regina Inc.